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3 Reasons to Add a Sun Tunnel to Your Next Roof Quote

Offering Daylighting: A Natural Fit for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors have much to gain by incorporating Sun Tunnels into their roof quotes for homeowners… let’s take a look at three big reasons why!

  1. Stand Out
    Your prospects may solicit quotes from many contractors. But not many roofing contractors add skylights to their proposals – so when you incorporate a Sun Tunnel as an option on your bid, you’ll differentiate your company and stay top of mind with your unique offering.

  2. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Referrals
    When homeowners begin the process of gathering quotes for a new roof, bringing in natural light with a skylight is probably not on their radar. But you can take a potentially negative and risky situation – replacing the roof on their home – and turn it into an opportunity to delight them by enhancing their indoor living space at the same time. Bathrooms, hallways, walk-in closets, and laundry rooms are all potential candidates for a Sun Tunnel, and present an opportunity to improve the interior of the home while protecting it with a new roof system. Homeowners that opt for a Sun Tunnel will be reminded of your suggestion every time they enjoy it, which could result in an increase in referrals as well.

  3. Increase Profitability
    A Sun Tunnel’s material cost can range from $300 to $500. Your roofing crew can install a VELUX Sun Tunnel during the roof job in about one or two hours:
  • Easy to incorporate with roofing system during roof job
  • Installs with basic carpentry skills
  • Flexible models ideal for short runs or attic spaces with obstructions; rigid models ideal for long runs
  • 10″ & 14″ models fit between 16″ OC framing – only drywall cutting is required. (22″ models also available)
  • Trim ring finishes off hole in drywall – no painting or drywall work needed

Last summer, a Sun Tunnel was installed on a house. Working the tunnel into an existing roof and re-installing the roofing material around it wasn’t too difficult. The Sun Tunnel install was a breeze with a clean roof deck and a brand new roof going down around it – making it an ideal add-on for roofing contractors.

Skylights aren’t as competitively shopped as new roofs, affording you some leeway in establishing pricing. Depending on how you set up your margins, you could earn hundreds of dollars in profit for each installed Sun Tunnel you sell – dramatically increasing the profit margin on your roofing job.

Low Risk – High Reward

When you offer a Sun Tunnel as an add-on option to your roofing proposal, the worst thing that could happen is the homeowners elect not to add it to the project. But in many cases, it could help you win the sale and increase your profitability, all while increasing customer satisfaction and potential referrals. And in all cases, providing the option helps you stand out from competitors. Consider incorporating Sun Tunnels into your roofing proposals today

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