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Steep Slope Roofing


Wide variety of materials and brands for design and installation of steep slope roofing

Ashpalt Shingle

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Cedar Shake

cedar shake and shingle wimsatt

Synthetic Slate

Metal Roof

metal roofing wimsatt


roof underlayment wimsatt

Drip Edge

Metal Flashing

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roof ventilation wimsatt

Roofing Tools

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steep slope fastners wimsatt

Widely Used in Residential Construction

Steep slope roofing materials are made for the steepest pitch in roofs, with slopes of 3:12 or more. Steep slope roofs are most commonly used in residential homes, and some represent 40-percent of the total structure of the home.
For design purposes, the steep slope adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance and it is widely used in American residential architecture with asphalt shingle application, although there are other types of materials such as cedar shakes and metal roofing that can also be used in steep slope settings.

Steep slopes also come with their own set of benefits for a homeowner, the sharp angles allow for debris and water to run down the roof instead of accumulating, this translates into less need for maintenance and peace of mind for the homeowner. Steep slopes also provide more attic space, allowing for better airflow in the property and reducing heat. This improves the benefits of well-installed insulation and reduces overall energy costs.

Steep slope roofing materials come in different colors and styles adding value to the overall appearance of a home and providing excellent protection against extreme weather. At Wimsatt Building Materials we carry all the products you need to complete your steep slope roofing job and we are happy to provide consulting for your project at any point.

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