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Tips for Roofing Contractor Safety

Roofing contractors are doing some dangerous work. According to OSHA, 34% of all fall related-deaths are falls from a roof. And while doing any kind of contracting work has its fair share of dangers, roofers need to be particularly careful because of the heights they’re working at. There are some common roofing safety tips that […]

Selling SBS Shingles Made Easy: SBS = SPF

SBS-modified shingles represent the state of the art in asphalt roofing technology SBS Shingles cost more than standard economy laminates (a bigger sale = good for you), and their characteristics result in a higher-performance roof system (good for your customer). But how can we help homeowners understand the value of that higher performance? Avoiding Alphabet […]

3 Reasons to Add a Sun Tunnel to Your Next Roof Quote

Offering Daylighting: A Natural Fit for Roofing Contractors Roofing contractors have much to gain by incorporating Sun Tunnels into their roof quotes for homeowners… let’s take a look at three big reasons why! Stand Out Your prospects may solicit quotes from many contractors. But not many roofing contractors add skylights to their proposals – so […]