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Selling SBS Shingles Made Easy: SBS = SPF

SBS-modified shingles represent the state of the art in asphalt roofing technology

SBS Shingles cost more than standard economy laminates (a bigger sale = good for you), and their characteristics result in a higher-performance roof system (good for your customer). But how can we help homeowners understand the value of that higher performance?


Avoiding Alphabet Soup

SBS may stand for Styrene Butadiene Styrene, but that doesn’t mean much to your homeowner prospects (…unless they happen to be chemists!). How can we avoid a mouthful of alphabet soup when explaining the substantial benefits of SBS to the average person?

Rather than tripping over industry terms, one easy way to relate the value of SBS Shingles to homeowners is to compare it to sunscreen. Just like high-SPF suncreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, granules protect asphalt shingles. Without granules, shingles deteriorate and fail.


Granules in the Gutter… Something We All Can Relate To

Any homeowner who’s cleaned out their own gutter is familiar with scooping granules out along with leaves and twigs… those deposited granules represent decreased protection of the roofing system.

That’s where SBS shingles shine. Their SBS-modified formula allows them to retain granules far more effectively than standard shingles. No more granules in the gutter – SBS keeps them where they belong: on the shingles, protecting them from UV degradation and early failure!


Providing Peace of Mind

The sunscreen analogy is a concrete, relatable example of how SBS shingles are the better choice for a longer-lasting roof. This peace of mind can be a huge selling point for homeowners that don’t intend on replacing their roof again. After all, they’d probably rather spend their savings on something other than another new roof – maybe a week at the beach!

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